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12 Things Tuesday!

April 23, 2024

Hi my loves! Happy Tuesday! We’re back with a 12 things post, after a few weeks of wildness where I couldn’t seem to find the time to make it happen. I am sooo happy to be here today, connecting with you guys, my favorite thing in the world to do. ♥

First thing’s first, how’s everyone doing? How is your week going? Tell me! Let’s dive on into it.

12 Things Tuesday //

1.  I caught the worsttt cold / flu / sickness situation about 11 days ago and I cannot believe I am saying this but it’s still not getting better! We got so lucky this whole winter and didn’t seem to catch anything that was going around, but whatever I have now is g-n-a-r-l-y. I feel like it’s turning into bronchitis and I really hope that’s not the case. Send me good vibbesss and if you’re one of the many others who has this right now, I feel you!

2. On the bright side, I did feel a bit better over the weekend before the second wave of this thing hit me – and I got to have the most special solo weekend with Atticus. Jonathan was in NYC, and me and Attie did so many fun things. We went to the beach, he swam in the ocean (!!), got to see tons of friends and fam, had lots of special little dates the two of us, and just got so much quality time together. I feel like the luckiest mama, he is truly at the best age and we are having so much fun.

3. We have so many new & special meditations, affirmations, channelings, pep talks, yoga and kundalini flows & beyond in The Quantum MethodSpecifically, everything about our Awakened April challenge has been absolutely on fire. Who has joined us?! If you haven’t yet, any questions for me?!

4. Speaking of Awakened April, I do have something very special in the platform planned for May. Still deciding on the exact name but it’s either going to be a metaphysical deep dive (my fave), or an anxiety release challenge. Which do you prefer?!

5. I woke up this weekend REALLY missing hot yoga. Like super sweaty hot vinyasa flow classes. It’s really a no no when pregnant otherwise I would be there as we speak because my body is calling for it deeply. I remember feeling this way my last pregnancy too, but I vow to never take for granted the things I can do in my body again when I am not pregnant anymore & feeling like my best self. ♥

6. I had the world’s best and most exquisite dining experience at Meteora in West Hollywood last week with some of my mama besties. It was the best mom’s night out. This restaurant was seriously giving Tulum vibes, and every dish was more phenomenal, gourmet, and otherworldly than the next. Plus their cacao dessert is insane. If you live in LA or have any trips planned, this is an amazing date night or girl’s night spot — highly recommend!!

7. We KNOWWWW I am the snobbiest of all water snobs, and I am still absolutely living for my Ophora water. I will always go for the triple filtered water, reverse osmosis, pH balanced, highest quality, all the things. You don’t even want to know what’s in our tap water. If I am your friend IRL, I have probably already talked your ear off about it. Ophora water is next level!! It is free of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, trace hormones, and beyond. They are nano-pure, pH balanced & 99.99% clear of all pollutants. You can order from today today for 10% off with the code BLONDE10!! You’ll fall in love. They’re called “water for wellness” for a reason!!!

8. Also in love with electrolytes, especially pregnant. I put them in my Ophora! My fave brands are Liquid IV, LMNT & Ultima. I like the pink lemonade flavors. And right now, everything needs to be over ice for me. Major pregnancy craving. Also helps a lot with pregnancy migraines!

9. We have a Raise Your Abundance Frequency event in TQM platform this Wednesday at 4pm!! If you are in the membership or are ready to join, this is going to be such a fun deep dive. And a different kind of deep dive for us! It’s co-hosted and taught by my dear friend Krista Ripma who is also my business guru. For anyone into the crossover between spirituality & business, this is for you. You’re gonna love. (Join monthly here, yearly here!)

10. I recently binge watched Apples Never Fall and it was so good!! I never read the book but I imagine the book was amazing. The show was so suspenseful and fun to watch. The last episode was rather disappointing (I won’t give anything away) just because I feel like there needed to be like 3 more episodes to round out the whole story? Either way I still recommend it, it was such a fun watch!

11. I have been seeing a pelvic floor PT this pregnancy and learning all of the stretches/exercises for SPD since I have the craziest pelvic pain in my pregnancies. The exercises are helping a lot although the pain is still wild – but if you too are in this boat, I highly recommend finding a good PT in your area!

12. We launched & sold out of our newest collection of TBB merch, The Angel Frequency collection!!! If you got your hands on it, it will be arriving early May as it was a preorder launch. I am so thankful for your support & absolutely cannot wait for you all to receive your sweat sets. I haven’t taken mine off!! Literally wearing it right now. 🙂

How are my favorite people?! How is your week going?! Sending you lots of love XOOO