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12 Things Tuesday!

May 7, 2024

Hiii! How are my favorite people? I am writing by the ocean today and it’s been such a soul nourishing day. I needed it. Every time my mood starts to dip, I just need to plant myself by the ocean and all is healed. It’s been a wild couple of weeks, which I will get into.

Shall we get right into it?!

12 Things Tuesday!

1. If you haven’t read my new Substack, please doooo! I am so excited about it. I feel like it’s the future of blogging. Like if you could ask my inner teenage blogging heart my one hope and dream it would be for blogging to be relevant forever. I feel like Substack is making that a reality. I also LOVE that independent writers can make $ on there (mine is free, but I pay so many incredible writers to read their content on there) which is the way it should be. My latest post, Bridge Between Worlds, is my personal fave.

2. Also, don’t worry. I will still be blogging here on my site! My plan is to use Substack for more story-vibe type of articles, and eventually even use it as a place to start writing for my books. Yes I have TWO books in the works right now but writers never stop. A medium once told me I would write a fiction book online, having people subscribe to a platform and receive a new chapter each week. I could totally see that with Substack one day!! Who would be into it?!

3. I am 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow, AHHHH!! How is the time going so FAST!

4. Our May Mental Health challenge started in The Quantum Method yesterday, so if you’re looking to join us — it’s still the perfect time. Each day consists of just 10-ish minutes of dedication to yourself. Either sitting in meditation, doing a walking meditation, journaling, or taking a moment to put your legs up the wall and check in with yourself. You can use the code IGBESTIE until midnight tonight for 10% off… get on it!! I never do discounts but for mental health awareness month I felt like it was appropriate. 🙂 Read more about The Quantum Method here.

5. I am crossing my fingers about receiving some good news *I hope* this week in regards to something I have been working on for a long time. Send good juju my way… I am so ready for it and feel so lit up by it.

6. Speaking of lit up, I am incredibly proud of Jonathan right now. He recently started doing something new for work and is excelling as the entrepreneur and visionary that he has always been in his soul. I am so proud of him. Like the true Generator that he is, it’s important for him to feel lit up & excited about what he’s doing. Watching him on this path has been one of the most special things I have been in a while.

7. In not so fun news, I have had bronchitis for FOUR weeks. If you have seen me in public or if you know me IRL, then you know I haven’t been able to speak even half of a sentence without hacking my brains out. It is awful. I have been avoiding going on any sort of medicine or antibiotic for it but now I feel like maybe it’s time… which I hate being pregnant but I also can’t live this way anymore. Coughing this hard has also thrown my back out and given me tons of new pregnancy symptoms/issues/aches/pains, it’s been awful gah. I have done all the things like honey, tea, vocal rest, hydration, time off, sleeping more, etc. but if anyone has any additional tips PLEASE lmk!

8. We recently decided to rename the meditations in TQM platform because they’re so much more than meditations / so different than your standard medi’s. So we are now referring to them as REPROGRAMMING TRACKS, and I feel like it’s sooooo spot on. Join us monthly here, yearly here!

9. Also yes, soon TQM will be an APP!! So the pricing we have now is still very much for founding / OG members. This is the lowest rate we will ever have, so now is the tiiiime to get in on it and join us. I had a big meeting with my team yesterday & we agreed that the content + value within the platform far exceeds the current pricing, so that shift will take place soon…!! And I am so excited to transition it to an APP which has always been my dream!

10. If you haven’t noticed, this has been a very inspired, creative, entrepreneurial pregnancy. It’s wild because I feel like my last pregnancy was quite different from this. I felt a lot more tired and introspective during that time. During this pregnancy, and maybe it’s baby girl’s energy, I have felt on fire!! It’s been an amazing feeling.

11. I am living in oversized, flowy dresses right now. I don’t really buy maternity clothes while pregnant, but rather end up living in cozy dresses that I can wear both pregnant and not pregnant. And also in my Lululemon align sweats which I have about 50 pairs of because I wear them so often and they are so perfectly stretchy for pregnancy!!

12. I did a fun Q&A on Instagram this morning — it will be up for the next 20 hours or so, so catch it while it’s there to see some of my thoughts and answers to commonly asked questions!

LOVE you all! How is everyone doing?!?! Hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week. XOXO 

PS if you’re a podcast listener, tune into last week’s solo ep!! It’s a fave of mine and truly feels like we are just hanging out in my living room together. <3

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