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Episode #234

Siffat Haider: Founder of Arrae on Healing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship & Manifestation

In today’s episode, you’ll hear all about the friendship and beautiful brand that has flourished between Jordan and Siffat Haider, co-founder of Arrae: an alchemy supplement brand that beats fatigue, bloating, and anxiety. It’s become a lifeline for Jordan and her inner circle, who can’t get enough of their holistic and targeted products, Bloat and Calm. Seriously, digestive tablets have never felt – or looked – this good! 

Siffat reveals the origin story of Arrae, which began with her concocting homemade formulas for herself and her husband when digestive issues arose. Something clicked when they both realized the gap in the market for high-quality, potent products that speak to and not at the final consumer, looking for a clear-cut, well-researched solution to their stomach ailments. 

Any budding entrepreneurs and small-business owners out there will love learning about Siffat’s company vision and how she aligned with the right influencers, who loved their product as a consumer-first, to help get their brand off the ground. Obstacles come up in every business venture. You’ll hear how Siffat has transformed hurdles into learning experiences and learned about the importance of adapting along the way. She built this brand with her husband (wait until you hear the backstory behind the name) and shares how their relationship has grown even stronger since they started working together. 

Lastly, we wrap up with a sprinkle of astrology and Human Design and connect her signs and type to her relentless entrepreneurial spirit. 

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