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Episode #233

Mimi Bouchard: Visualizing Your Future Self, Building a Brand & the Power of the Mind

Today Jordan interviews her dear friend and founder of the Mimi Method — Mimi Bouchard. In this conversation they go deep and Mimi reveals how she walked through the shadows of financial hardship, low self-worth, reality TV fame pitfalls, and binge eating to manifest a new life, mindset, and body that truly aligns with her purpose. 

Her astounding career trajectory, from hustling multiple jobs in London and becoming a reality TV star to redirecting her brand in a completely different direction, is a true testament to the phrase, “putting your mind to it.” Mimi has manifested her dream job, a book deal, and a better relationship with her body, all thanks to rehab power of the MIND.  And yes, she and Jordan are both the biggest fans of Joe Dispenza and credit much of their growth to his pheromonal meditations and retreat, which literally shape-shifted Mimi’s face!

We hope you love this episode and it inspires you as much as it has inspired Jordan! This one is for the entrepreneurs, brand builders, meditators, and those looking to make huge shifts and waves in their lives. 

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