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Episode #236

Brandin Cohen: Building Liquid IV, Changing the World & What’s on the Horizon

OG listeners of the podcast may remember Brandin Cohen, founder of Liquid IV, as the FIRST guest on TBB Podcast  five years ago, when both his and Jordan’s brands were in their infancy. Brandin is one of Jordan’s dearest friends and she is thrilled to have him back on the show today. 

Half a decade later, Brandin joins the pod again, and so much has changed! Fresh from the acquisition of his company, he’s settling into his new beautiful home (where they recorded this episode). After years of hard work as Liquid IV’s CEO, he’s finally taking a hiatus to rediscover what lights him up. He gives everyone an insight into his new lifestyle, his other-worldly morning routine, spiritual practices, and the ambitious visions he has to CTW: Change The World. 

Beyond business, Brandin is a kind of a kind, open-hearted spirit. His soul is literally on fire (a true Sagittarius!), and his energy and charisma bounce off the mic. Despite his incredible levels of success, he carves out so much time to help others and the planet. He shares so many juicy nuggets for business founders out there to follow your passions and realize your vision to make your mark. 

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