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Episode #237

MaryRuth Ghiyam: Founding MaryRuth’s Organics, Overcoming Loss, Lyme Healing & Finding Inspiration

Incredible founder, MaryRuth Ghiyam, of MaryRuth’s Organics, talks about motherhood, grief, brand building, finding joy and inspiration, and healing in this deep dive episode. We delve into the inspirational story behind the woman behind the holistic, mission-led company doing so much good to nourish the world with health and organic supplements. 

MaryRuth articulates her life story with such grace, integrity, and there is so much wisdom about the light and dark many of us experience as humans. She reflects on her fertility struggles, heartbreaking miscarriages, family loss, and how she came to appreciate life, death, motherhood, and the nuanced energetics behind grief and growth. Everything in her life has come full circle, and she has birthed four beautiful children, a super-successful business, and most importantly, a purpose-led life and mindset which shines through her essence. 

Like Jordan, MaryRuth’s brand and backstory are very much intertwined. Her Lyme diagnosis and her years spent trying out different healing mechanisms have shaped her, her business, and even her son’s health. She shares how she conceived her supplement business back in 2014 while working as a nutritional consultant in New York City. Back then, it was just her and her mom. Now, she has a team of 90 people! 

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