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Episode #250

Ashley Lemieux: Moving Through Grief & Loss, Maintaining Hope & Finding the Light

Author and speaker, Ashley Lemieux, has empowered thousands of women to find purpose in their pain by reframing their mindset through the darkest moments of their life.

Ashley’s motherhood journey is one of immense pain, loss, and, ultimately, hope, after losing her two adopted children in an emotionally exhausting court battle that left her and her husband scrambling to find their way back to each other again. Last year, after making the conscious decision to grow their family, health challenges resulted in another tragic loss that she so openly and bravely discusses on the show.

Silver linings are impossible to find in such moments, but Ashley’s realization that escaping the pain made things worse invited her to work through it rather than around it. Clarity mapping, intentional meditation, and releasing stringent timelines have allowed her to find joy in her life and partnership again.

In times of shrinking solitude, Ashley Lemieux transformed her anguish to art, creating a community for people to feel seen, heard, and loved – even when they do not feel worthy. We hope this vulnerable, raw conversation offers light and inspiration to those who feel their emotional load is too heavy to carry.

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