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Episode #249

Guru Jagat: A Tribute & Remembrance Episode: Kundalini Yoga, Invincible Living, & Honoring Her Legacy

On August 1st, the world lost a charismatic spiritual teacher and force of nature; Guru Jagat, world-renowned Kundalini teacher and founder of the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, passed from this realm. She is survived by her partner, Teg Nam, and cherished by the millions of souls she touched along her incredibly accomplished path.

For Jordan, Guru Jagat was a gateway to Kundalini and an inspiration of a modern woman, living fully in her power, weaving ancient technologies with science and channeling wisdom from spiritual leaders worldwide for millennials to have access to.

The intention of this re-air is to celebrate her magnetic aura, joyful spirit, and teachings that ring as true today as they did in 2018 when this episode was recorded. Guru Jagat said that her role as a teacher on this planet was that of an artist, helping others connect with their creativity to unlock their inner powers. We hope that, after listening to this conversation, you’ll feel called to release your unique gifts into this world too, whatever they may be.

We send love to Guru Jagat’s family, friends, community, and students, and we hope that this inspiring conversation brings back her powerful & timeless vibrations.

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