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Episode #255

Jonathan Albrecht: Marriage & Pregnancy Updates + Husband Wife Q&A!

The last time Jonathan was on the show, we shared, for the first time with you guys, that we are having a baby!! Now that I’m inching toward my third trimester (one more week, WHAT?), we thought it would be fun to have him back on and give you a mega update about what’s been going on behind closed doors, answer questions you sent over IG, and share some exciting news about TBB while I’m on my maternity leave!

Tune in to hear how Jonathan has been handling my hormonal pregnancy mood swings (lol), brain fog, and generally being the world’s best support system while my body is in lots of physical pain, and my hormones are through the roof. You’ll learn about fatherhood plans from his perspective (lots of yoga and matching outfits!) and what creating a spiritual household signifies for him. Baby Albrecht has brought us closer in so many ways, and we chat about the different ways we’re nesting (nursery decorating, house hunting – all so exciting), and how our romantic relationship has evolved during this time. We also unveil some exciting plans for the podcast during my maternity leave. We can’t wait to hear what you think! It’s a fun one. Intimate, easy, chatty. Please leave us a rating and review if you enjoy!! It helps the show so much. 🙂

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