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Episode #254

Solo: Life Updates, Pregnancy, Mental Health, “Call Out” Culture, The New Phase of TBB

Lately, it’s felt like my emotional self has been in a washing machine. I’ve had so many profound realizations and downloads come to the surface. I feel so fortunate to have this safe container to share my feelings and perspectives of everything that is going on in and around my life!

Where do I begin?! Well, I am just about to enter my 3rd trimester and have been connecting to this ancient soul growing inside me, and navigating some of the not-so-fun physical sides of things (more on that in the episode). I have just returned from a transformative, soul-filling escape in Kauai, where I literally purged every emotion possible, and sat with intense feelings of self-worth, career, and purpose here on Earth, and how that manifests in my message within TBB.

YES, we get into the next phase of TBB all the way!! And we talk cancel / call out culture. You’ll have to tune in to hear the rest 🙂 – but I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you all!

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