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Episode #257

Solo: 31 Things I’ve Learned in 31 Years: BIRTHDAY Episode!

Happy Libra season to all of our amazing listeners!

Birthdays are a beautiful time to hold space for how much we’ve grown and elevated into wiser versions of ourselves. So I thought I’d celebrate my 31st trip around the sun with a special birthday tradition I have been doing on my blog for years now- but this is the first time I’ve brought it to the podcast. 31 things I’ve learned in 31 years!

Writing this list, recording this episode, and connecting to the spiritual teachers who have supported me on this path, have reflected back to me how much I’ve evolved from the person I was in my early 20s. For the OG TBB fam out there, you’ve seen me go from a hyper-career focused, people-pleaser, non-vegan, so sick with Lyme, depleted human looking for love, to a celestial, plant-based, eternal soul who has healed her mind, body, and spirit and has so much love in her life.

It’s been a HUGE change, and this episode is really my opportunity to speak to you – and my younger self – about the internal shifts, habits, and spiritual teachers who have made an impact on my life. You’ll learn how I’ve made conscious steps to return to love, step into my deepest passions, speak my truth, and re-align with my purpose – even if that looks SO different from how I thought it would be in my 20s when I started TBB. So I invite you to take this episode as a permission slip to “never compare your path with anyone else’s because no one here is made of the same star stuff and karma that you are.” We’re all exactly where we are meant to be.

I’m hosting a huge birthday giveaway with Nama, who has agreed to give away one of their brand new J2 juicers (worth over $550!!) to one of our TBB listeners! To enter:

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