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Episode #258

Emily DiDonato: Pregnancy, Skincare, Modeling, & Navigating Social Media

You probably recognize Emily DiDonato from your favorite magazines, brand campaigns, or from her incredible social media presence where she has 2.3M followers on Instagram alone! In this fun and fascinating conversation, you’ll get to know the Emily beyond the highlight reel as she chats with Jordan about the realness of pregnancy, the highs and lows of modeling, and the backstory behind her new clean skincare brand, Covey.

In a few short weeks, Emily went from your average teen to shooting for Ralph Lauren and picked to be the face of Maybelline! Over the past decade, she has walked international fashion shows, jetted all over the world, and graced the covers of Vogue and Sports Illustratrated. Along the way, she tried just about every beauty product and routine in the book, which inspired her to create the skincare brand Covey. She unpacks her journey, from taking the leap to move to Manhattan alone to forge her modeling career, to the three-year process to birth Covey out into the world and how it feels to be the boss and content creator of her own brand and message.

With motherhood on the horizon for both Jordan and Emily (they’re due three weeks apart from one another!), the conversation takes an inevitable turn to pregnancy — and specifically, the realness of pregnancy. Emily reveals how she found out she was pregnant, the rituals getting her by (yoga, cold foods, and laying low), and the harsh realities of being constantly judged on her appearance online. We hope this conversation sparks excitement and joy and inspiration all around!

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