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Episode #261

Dr. Daniel Amen: Optimizing Your Brain Health, Finding Happiness & Ending Mental Illness

Dr. Daniel Amen is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and brain health experts, and someone Jordan happens to be obsessed with. He’s helped millions of people heal and optimize their brains, end mental illness, and live happier lives. A trailblazer in mental health, he has revolutionized how we address depression, anxiety, and stress. With 12 New York Times bestsellers under his belt, scores of celebrity patients (including Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus), and millions of followers across social media, he’s rightfully made his mark as “the most popular psychiatrist in America.”

Unlike most psychiatrists, Dr. Daniel Amen looks at the brain first and uses brain scans as a visual cue to explain self-sabotaging behaviors robbing us of true happiness. In this episode, Dr. Amen outlines specific steps to boost your mood with a brain care toolkit of diet and lifestyle habits. From feeding your brain the best diet (say yes to colorful fruits and veggies, no to alcohol, drugs, and fruit juice) to the mental exercises that train you to be happy and achieve your goals. Plus, discover how your brain type dictates what makes you happy and how to cultivate micro-moments into your routine to increase your overall happiness. 

There is nowhere in school where they teach you to question your own thoughts, so many of us overlook – or ignore – the red flags for brain health. Dr. Daniel is rewriting the rulebook to help replace behavioral addictions with empowering strategies to think and act smarter to better our brains and be happier people, achieving our goals and bringing them to life. 

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