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Episode #260

Mel Robbins: The High 5 Habit, Overcoming Indecisiveness & Getting Your Confidence Back with NYT Bestseller

Mel Robbins is a motivational powerhouse whose groundbreaking work on behavioral change has impacted millions. Her internationally best-selling books, “The Five Second Rule” and “The High 5 Habit,” empower people to flip their lives around through simple, science-backed actions. I mean, you probably already know who she is if we had to guess!! She is massive on social media and beyond.

Mel is a living testament that these tools work. Ten years ago, she was unemployed, crippled by anxiety and $800,000 debt. Initially, counting down from five was the only thing to get out of bed in the morning. This practice would later evolve into “The Five Second Rule,” which became the first step toward her becoming the most booked speaker in the world and changing the lives of so many who apply the rule to address issues in all aspects of their lives. Jordan shares that she’s among those touched, having first discovered Mel’s work while in the throes of a panic attack a few years ago.

In this deep and stimulating conversation, Mel gets candid on her professional and personal downward spiral in 2020, which saw her get fired from her dream job and threaten the future of the business empire she spent a decade building. She shares how high-fiving herself in the mirror gave her the strength to love herself through her rock bottom and the fascinating science behind the simple gesture that helps you become your own self-advocate.

Plus, you’ll hear the magic of Mel’s motivational wisdom in real-time as she helps Jordan make a call on an important decision (or two or three!!).

There is so much wisdom and tools for anyone out there suffering from anxiety or a lifestyle rut. But if you walk away from this conversation with anything, let it be that you have the power to be your own cheerleader and celebrate yourself, wherever you are in your journey.

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