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Episode #312

Bryony Deery on How to Change Your Life Overnight & the Lifechanging Power of Pilates

This episode is such a special deep dive with my dear friend and soul sister Bryony Deery. She is not only the creator of the powerful fitness app Pilates by Bryony, but she is a full on powerhouse who has created an incredible international brand over the last couple of years. She is such inspiration to anyone who is lost and not sure where they are going to turn next — she built this brand and changed her life overnight with a few key decisions, and we get into what those are in this episode.

I love this convo because we really get to hear so much about her history and what guided her to this point. We laugh, we cry, and it is overall so special. Check out her app Pilates by Bryony & follow her on IG! Tell us what your favorite part of this episode was… absolutely cannot wait to hear!

And we are hosting another wellness giveaway this week !! To thank you so much for listening & being amazing for all these 6+ years, we will be choosing two winners this week to receive a TBB wellness package with a bunch of my fave wellness goodies! To enter, simply:

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We hope you love this episode and cannot wait to hear your feedback! As always, enter to win this week’s big wellness giveaway by rating and reviewing the show on Apple Podcasts, subscribing, and sending a screenshot to [email protected]!

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