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Episode #311

Solo: My Top Hacks for Anxiety, Healing & Overcoming the Darkness + Q&A

GUYS this is the episode you’ve been asking for ever since we released episode 306: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok! I can’t believe how many of us have been in a similar boat. I wouldn’t wish this anxiety on anyone in the entire world, but since so many of us have been *feeling* it in some form or another, I thought I would share my top healing tips, hacks & tools for overcoming the darkness.

I don’t even know where to begin, but there is a list of over 21 things (!!) that are helping me in this episode. I cannot wait to hear what you think. Take to Instagram, email, or however you like to communicate & tell me what you thought of this ep!! It’s a vulnerable one.

And yes, we answer the top question coming in: am I on medication for anxiety?! Listen in to find out…

Here are some links I promised in the ep!

–   Sleep chronotype quiz:

–   Jordan on Lemon8:

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