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Episode #152

ft. Kelsey Patel

Kelsey Patel is literally sunshine in human form. Jordan always says that sitting down with her is like sitting down to the church of Kelsey Patel because wisdom just pours out of her. In this episode Jordan and Kelsey chat about exciting new projects, like Kelsey’s upcoming book and her new podcast, Magik Vibes. Kelsey also does a special Reiki healing for Jordan and everyone listening. Something that’s super special about Kelsey’s podcast is that she does distance Reiki on the show every single week.


The work for Jordan’s course, Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul, has started, and the first live webinar was last week. Everyone was completely tapped into all their angels and guides and the energy was so powerful. Signups are now closed, but it will open back up in the future. If you’re interested and you’re saving money, or it just didn’t work for you to join this round, sign up for Jordan’s newsletter here to hear about the next one. Jordan’s also working on something super special for her subscribers – a free meditation to give you a taste of what you’ll get in the course. 


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