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Episode #154

ft. Brooke Rewa Harris: The Founder of Good Mylk Co on Building a Sustainable Business, Scaling Up, & Overcoming Challenges

Brooke Harris is the founder of Good Mylk Co. She began her business selling fresh almond milk at her local farmers’ market but soon realized a need to make her product available to more people. Homemade plant-based milks are such an incredibly different experience than the stuff that you buy at the store – they taste amazing and the ingredients are super clean. In this episode Brooke talks all about her journey to scale without compromising on taste or nutrition. She also covers the lessons she’s learned from being in business, most importantly that no-one knows as much about her business than she does. Brooke also shares her personal story of being abused as a child and how she is so proud of the fact that she gets to stop that particular cycle of abuse. 


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