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Episode #170

ft. Liz Moody: Overcoming Anxiety, Falling in Love with Food, and Living Healthier Together

Today’s guest is the fabulous Liz Moody! Liz is a wonderful writer, having written two cookbooks, Healthier Together and Glow Pops. She’s also an incredible food stylist, food photographer, and recipe developer. Her podcast, Healthier Together, is also one of Jordan’s all-time favorites.

Liz goes deep into her history with writing, dealing with anxiety, and how she discovered her passion for food. She has a talent for using food to connect people — and you’re going to love this conversation with her.

Liz and Jordan are also hosting a fun giveaway for anyone who rates and reviews both of their podcasts! Just rate and review the Balanced Blonde and Healthier Together podcasts, take a screenshot of both, and send it to Liz and Jordan to be entered to win two $100 Amazon gift cards!

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