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Episode #171

ft. Melissa Wood Health: Going Deep w/ the Radiant Plant-Based Workout Goddess Herself, Overcoming an Eating Disorder, Food Combining, & Living Without Alcohol

Melissa Wood radiates in the most beautiful way, online and IRL… like so deeply! She is the founder of the Melissa Wood Health Method, a series of precise, low-impact movements as part of an online subscription. They are simple and straightforward enough that you can follow along in your home as if Melissa is there guiding you along, but they’re also deceptively intense in the best way. And they WORK. Melissa has always believed that you don’t need high intensity to see results which has inspired Jordan to no end.

Melissa talks candidly about her struggles with alcohol and eating disorders and how she overcame them, her relationship with her incredible husband Noah, life as a mom to her two littles, and how meditation is non-negotiable in her life. Jordan sees Melissa’s face shape shift into beautiful souls and past lives. The women have a deep connection and can’t believe this is their first time meeting in real life!

They also talk food combining, living plant based, working out, growing a business, living a soul on fire lifestyle, what is on the horizon, living without alcohol, and more. Melissa is so inspirational and you’re going to love her.

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