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Episode #175

ft. Kenzie Burke: Food Combining, Mindset, Healing Lyme with a Plant-Based Lifestyle, & Overcoming Criticism

Kenzie Burke is so young and radiant, but she is an old soul and she has become such a soul sister to Jordan ever since they met. Kenzie is a health coach and one of the leading experts on food combining, and she has an incredible 21-day reset program and a 10-day reboot. Both are iconic and life changing. Like Jordan, she has a history of Lyme disease and has mostly healed holistically through food, supplements, and food combining.

Kenzie is all about going against the grain and doing things her own way. She speaks about what it’s like being an entrepreneur, and how — while the success can be very addicting and wonderful — it can at times be a very lonely path. She also shares how she discovered food combining, how she manifests things in her life, and so much more. You are going to LOVE her.

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