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Episode #174

SOLO: Meditation & Channeled Messages for Staying Calm & Returning to Love During the Collective Panic of Coronavirus

Join Jordan for an impromptu solo episode to discuss ways to stay calm during this time of COVID-19 that is causing so much panic and fear. In the episode Jordan leads us through a brief meditation, shares her views on the virus and the widespread fear, and channels the Pleiadians who give their take on the situation and tips on how we can stay calm.

She also addresses questions you guys sent in on Instagram, and overall wants to share the positivity in this situation that for many right now is extremely upsetting.

As always, let us know your favorite part of the episode on Jordan’s latest Instagram, and join our Soul on Fire Facebook Tribe to keep the conversation going. Our community is strong during this time and always, and don’t ever forget that you are never alone.

Also check out Jordan’s latest blog post on the subject for further positive vibes.




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