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Episode #177

ft. MaryAnn DiMarco: Psychic Medium Messages About This Challenging Time We Are In, Staying Calm, & How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Today we welcome the incredible MaryAnn DiMarco back to the show. She is a wonderful spiritual teacher and psychic medium that has so much to share with our community. When this situation with the Coronavirus started — quarantines and social distancing — Jordan felt a deep call to switch up the show, focus on what’s going on, and give you tips and tricks for how to deal with everything. We all need to find ways to ease our anxiety, tap into our spirituality, and not let it overwhelm us. So we just had to have MaryAnn back on the show because she is such a beacon of light and gives such insight for these challenging times.

MaryAnn discusses what she has channeled about the virus, gives us all tips for staying calm, as well as tips for doing our own channeling, and getting our own intuitive messages during this time.

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