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Episode #178

ft. Jenna Zoë: DEEP Dive on Human Design, Profiles, Energy Types, Shapeshifting, Soul Paths, & More!

Jenna is back! And for good reason, because Jenna is the person responsible for introducing Jordan to human design, and now she can’t meet a single person without looking into their human design. Human design charts are very complex, and Jenna was definitely sent from the heavens to be an expert on this topic. Not only does she read charts, but she has such an intuitive nature when it comes to peoples’ energy types. In this episode, Jenna goes deep into the profiles of human design, profiles, Generators, Manifestors & MGs, and so much more.

The girls chat about the deeper layers within Human Design as well as past / future lives, and Jordan sees Jenna shape shift! This is the deepest episode on Human Design so far, and Jenna’s fourth time on the show!

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