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Episode #183

ft. Anthony William – The Medical Medium is BACK to Talk “Cleanse to Heal” & Taking Our Health into Our Own Hands

Anthony William, the Medical Medium, returns for more healing wisdom! He is changing the game when it comes to healing chronic illness and giving people their lives back. He is a long running New York Times best-seller and his new book just launched — “Cleanse to Heal.”

He has helped heal millions of people all over the world since he started hearing the healing voice of the Spirit of Compassion as a child. If you are a skeptic, we totally welcome you and your questions, but the proof is in the pudding — or, in this case, the celery juice! Anthony goes deep on everything from the problems with the medical and alternative medicine communities, how women can balance their hormones, weight loss and weight gain, and so much more!

Jordan believes in this so much that she is hosting a fun giveaway for five copies of Cleanse to Heal! To enter, just rate + review the podcast, send a screenshot to [email protected], and subscribe to her new YouTube channel for some bonus entries!

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