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Episode #182

SOLO: Health Journey Part II: Healing Q&A, Nutrition School Deep Dive, Finding Confidence, & Creating a Life You Love

Last week we had a candid conversation about some of the larger trends in the wellness space and how the pushback people got from wanting to change or improve their bodies was not serving them. Jordan continues answering your questions in this episode about her journey of wellness and transformation. She then dives into her experience with health coaching, IIN, and her thoughts on the Nutrition School she attended. She also gives you the info you need to be equipped to create a thriving career in wellness! 

Jordan would love to offer anyone who is interested in it $2,000 off the cost of Nutrition School! For anyone who takes up this offer, you will also get a copy of Jordan’s 22-Day Detox ebook and a chance to win one of five 25-minute Skype call sessions with Jordan. Visit to redeem the discount, take a sample class, and find out more.

Thanks to HUM Nutrition for sponsoring this episode! They are Jordan’s favorite beauty supplement company. If you don’t know where to get started or what to take, you can talk to a nutritionist directly from their website to answer any questions you may have. You can use the code SOUL to get 20% off at checkout at