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Episode #189

ft. Danielle Bernstein: Creator of We Wore What on Building An Empire, Fashion Blogging, Dating, & Beyond

Today’s guest is none other than the most OG of all fashion bloggers, Danielle Bernstein! Since creating her wildly popular blog We Wore What nearly a decade ago, she’s become a CEO, clothing designer, and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree… and she’s still only 28 years old!! She’s also the author of her brand new amazing memoir “This is Not a Fashion Story,” which just hit the New York Times bestseller list.

We dive into what it was like for Danielle to quit college in order to start her blog and her journey to becoming one of the top fashion bloggers in the industry, with some of the most successful partnerships in social media influencing and marketing. She’s an all-around badass and the utmost inspiration.

Jordan also digs into some stories from Danielle’s book, including what it was like to date in New York, what she learned from past boyfriends, and the different situations she’s been in with all of them. We also finally get the dish on her mystery boyfriend, who pops in during the interview! She’s an amazing entrepreneur in every single way, and she’s truly living her purpose + design.

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