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Episode #188

SOLO: Spiritual Awakening Updates, 5D Consciousness, Shadow Work, & Answering Your Burning Spirituality Q’s

There’s so much going on right now and things are feeling very heavy. For those of us who are so energetically sensitive, open, and engaged, it can be a hard time — yet a revolutionary time. Things are changing for the better even though they might feel dark right now. So today we are discussing shadow work on the spiritual journey, and diving deep into the details of what an awakening looks like. Jordan offers her advice on how you can do some of that inner work, find joy, and live your truth.

In this episode, Jordan shares some of her thoughts about channeling, awakening, healing, spirituality, and waking up. She is still on the journey of waking up to her soul, her spiritual and psychic gifts— it’s a forever journey. She dives into deets about aliens, Pleiadians, Akashic records, 5D consciousness, angels, past lives, and more. And a bit of food combining, because we’re well rounded over here. 😉

Jordan also spends time addressing questions from The Balanced Blonde community! She touches on manifestation, channeling spirits, fifth-dimensional living, and more. This episode is packed full of updates on Jordan’s life and advice for living a Soul on Fire life!!

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