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Episode #196

SOLO: Pleiadians, Shape Shifting, Channeling, 5D, Hormones, Spirituality Q&A!

We are ALL seekers of truth + light, and we are all seeking our own truth and remaining open to possibilities. We are the lightworkers here on this earth, that is what we are meant to do. You are not alone on this path of spiritual enlightenment and don’t you ever let anyone tear you down.

For those who are continuing on your journey to learn and discover more, Jordan is going deep with questions from The Balanced Blonde community all about spirituality, channeling, 5D, Pleiadians, starseeds, hormones, female friendships, and more. She goes into her experiences seeing shape shifting, embracing our personal gifts, and channels the Pleiadians so they can speak directly to you.

Time for a VERY SPECIAL WEBINAR on 8/13!!! Jordan will be channeling live in this webinar and talking about 5D ascension, waking back up to your soul, and making a huge announcement. Sign up for free here!

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