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Episode #197

ft. Sophie Jaffe: Radical Transparency, Intuition, Breaking Free of Labels, & Manifesting Her Baby Girl

If you’re not familiar with Sophie Jaffe, then get ready for a very fun convo. Sophie is a spiritual teacher, blogger, podcaster, mother, and owner of multiple businesses, including her delicious superfood business Philosophie. She has been a close friend of Jordan’s since both of their very early blogging days, and this is Sophie’s first time back on the pod since 2016!

Sophie goes deep on radical transparency, something that is a big part of her life and brand, and shares her perspective on intuition. She and her husband are all about breaking through labels and living life unapologetically. And in the spirit of radical transparency, Jordan and Sophie both get into topics that they’ve never discussed publicly before. Like how Sophie manifested her baby girl into her life after having two boys, their perspectives on IG filters, politics, and beyond.

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