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Episode #198

ft. Peter Crone: Being With What Is, Transcending Ego, & Shifting Limiting Beliefs with The Mind Architect

Peter Crone is The Mind Architect, and he’s helped so many people radically transform their lives — including Jordan — with the power of the mind, a unique perspective of breaking barriers and overcoming limiting beliefs, as well as ayurvedic healing techniques. He has a one of a kind approach to transformation and he does not mess around. He will tell you exactly what to do to shift your life and step into your best self. There is a reason he works with too CEO’s, athletes, high performers and beyond to enhance performance and overcome obstacles. 

The core of Peter’s work is helping people shift their limiting beliefs, which is something everyone can benefit from, no matter where they are on their journey. He shares so much wisdom with us, including how to embrace who you are wholly, how fear and uncertainty holds us back, and what it will take to unify as a people. Also, we talk HEALING of all kinds. You will be so inspired by Peter and his method!

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