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Episode #200

ft. Jesse Golden: Thriving with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Finding Spiritual Alignment, & Building The Golden Secrets

Jesse Golden is the perfect guest for the 200th episode of The Balanced Blonde podcast! She is just a phenomenal human, a mom, a podcast host, a blogger, and the creator of The Golden Secrets skincare and lifestyle brand and blog — and she’s THRIVING with rheumatoid arthritis. Jordan is inspired by her to no end. They both choose to look at their illness as a gift, while still acknowledging that it’s very hard existing and living with it.

Jesse dives into how she discovered dance and yoga, the lessons she has learned from being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and the art of listening to your body. She GLOWS inside and out. She also discusses the healers in the spiritual realm that she has turned to that have helped her through her healing process. The girls get into love, workouts, spirituality, Starseeds, motherhood and beyond. We are so excited for you to listen and be inspired.

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