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Episode #201

ft. Jonathan Albrecht: Celebration Episode! How Jordan Became Jordan- My Husband Interviews ME

201 is a special number to Jordan—her angel number that follows her everywhere. So, for this once-in-a-lifetime episode, the best husband in the world, Jonathan Albrecht, will host the show and interview her!

Together, they dip into several topics, including Jordan’s childhood, the school she grew up in and how it influenced who she is today, her wild years in high school, and all of the things that make her Jordan! Whether you’ve been listening since the beginning or just tuning in, Jordan shows a side of herself that she has not revealed before in her four years of hosting the podcast. It’s a truly special episode that you’re going to love.

Jonathan is an amazing podcast host and he’s thinking about starting his own podcast. If you agree that he needs to start one… tell us on Jordan’s latest Instagram post!

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