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Episode #210

ft. Catherine & India Oxenberg: Escaping the NXIVM Sex Cult, Healing, & The Unbreakable Bond of Mother & Daughter

This is a deeply special episode with two women who are beyond inspiring and have been through the unthinkable. India & Catherine Oxenberg share the story of India’s joining, and eventually escaping, from the cult NXIVM / ESP led by Keith Raniere, and the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter that ultimately saved her. In the cult India experienced branding, sex trafficking, master slave rituals, and was not permitted to eat or sleep in a healthy way. Her mother Catherine was terrified for her life and went to the ends of the earth to get her daughter back.

India opens up about her experience in NXIVM, her mother Catherine’s experience trying for years to get her out, the sex trafficking that took place, the horrible rituals and abuse that took place, and more. THANK GOD, the cult leader Keith Raniere was recently sentenced to 120 years in prison, thanks in part to India’s victim impact statement & her mother’s diligent work to expose NXIVM, so this story does have a happy ending.

This conversation is beautiful, expansive, healing, heart-wrenching, and truly brave. We also go deep into spirituality and healing modalities both women have leaned on to overcome their trauma. Doing justice to their powerful story + the experiences they’ve been through in words is challenging, and you’ll need to hear it directly from them to truly understand.

**Also, TRIGGER WARNING: rape, branding, sex trafficking, coercion, cults.**

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