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Episode #211

ft. Beth Behrs: Hollywood, Manifesting, Plant-Based Life, & Mental Health with ‘2 Broke Girls’ & “The Neighborhood’ Actress + Activist

Beth Behrs is an actress, activist, and the host of the new podcast Harmonics, which explores how music and creativity help with wellness and healing. You may know Beth from ‘2 Broke Girls’ & ‘The Neighborhood,’ and we talk about how she manifested those roles among so much other great manifestation in her life.

Beth is super into the spiritual side of health and wellness, manifestation, the Medical Medium lifestyle, and is a fierce advocate for mental health.

In this convo we get into how she manifests, Jordan’s time studying acting at school, finding transcendental meditation, healing through animal therapy, Beth’s rescue horse, the divine gift of animals in our lives, why she doesn’t always feel at home or accepted in Hollywood, Medical Medium love, working through chronic anxiety, and getting rid of the stigma around mental health and healing. 

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