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Episode #214

My Ayahuasca Journey Part 2: My Biggest Awakening, Finding My Soul Family, & Q+A

Jordan’s deeply transformative plant medicine journey, and ongoing realizations in the conscious realm, have inspired an additional solo episode dedicated to Mother Ayahuasca’s teachings.

This time around, the experience was very gentle yet extremely moving. Through the spiritual guidance of her 8th grade teacher, Ms. Lamay, Jordan was able to uncover her true life’s dharma as a creative artist, who’s on this earth to write stories. Revelations about death, soul family connections and the meaning of surrender are lovingly articulated here. All with the purest intentions to guide and inspire this treasured collective to tap into the magic of plant medicine (should they feel inclined to do so).

With such an awakening comes a shedding and reframing of past self. Ayahuasca has shaped the upleveled Jordan of today so that her past no longer follows her — in life or on Instagram.

The people that have stayed or have joined her tribe along the way are the ones that need to hear this. This one’s for you!

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