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Episode #213

SOLO: AYAHUASCA Deep Dive: My Most Recent Journey & Awakening to the Medicine Woman Within

Jordan has touched on her Ayahuasca experiences quite a bit in the past, and after this recent experience, she feels inspired to give another deep dive into this journey. This was her third time ceremony, meaning her 9th experience, and each time has been completely unique and powerful. Mother Ayahuasca came into Jordan’s life when she was very ill and called to her to the medicine when she needed her most. Everything since then has been… perception shattering, to say the least. 

She talks about her three ceremonies last weekend, the prep, the awakening, the messages, the gifts, and gets into who Jordan 5.0 is now. She also dives into your questions about her ayahuasca journey. You asked such thoughtful questions about helpful topics like purging, ayahuasca becoming trendy, preparing for the ceremony, cultural significance of the medicine, and dealing with family who may be less supportive. Ayahuasca is a sacred, magical medicine woman, and when it is your time to take part, she will call you to it.

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