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Episode #217

Best of 2020 Part 2: Peter Crone, Ruthie Lindsey, Ryan Holiday & Weslie Christensen

This week’s episode is a beautiful montage of wisdom from the community that has inspired Jordan Younger to become the whole and integrated being she is today. 

There’s no set theme, other than the beautiful thread which brought everyone all together—this podcast! Peter Crone, The Mind Architect, kicks things off with his proven approach to rewiring the learned behavioral patterns holding us back. Next, Ruthie Lindsey discusses her journey with healing from chronic illness. Then, Ryan Holiday delves into the social significance of Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy that is more relevant than your daily news feed. Lastly, soul sister and fellow podcaster Weslie Christensen rounds things off with a deep dive into shape-shifting, spirituality, and transformation.

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