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Episode #218

ft. Sahara Rose: Discover Your Dharma Archetype, Become Your Highest Self, & Channel Your Divine Truth

As we step into a new year and lean into the energy of reinvention and renewal, Jordan thought it would be fitting to invite dear friend, world-leading Ayurveda expert Sahara Rose, onto the podcast to discuss her new book, Discover your Dharma.” The two girls go deep on this new archetype system that Sahara has created and they both go over the 9 types, which types they both are (as well as which sub-types they are) & share how you can do the same at home!

This perfectly-timed offering gives the tribe an incredible opportunity to harness the reflective power of 2020, and activate your authentic code to live out your highest purpose. Together, they discuss the different personality archetypes, the diverse environments each one needs to thrive, and their innovative visions for their future. 

2021 is a new book waiting to be written. What will your story be?

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