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Episode #222

ft. Nikki Novo: Mediumship, Awakening, Akashic Records, & Manifesting Love with my Spiritual Mentor

Nikki Novo is a spiritual teacher and medium who is currently teaching Jordan how to unearth her spiritual gifts. Their close bond truly comes through in their readings, where they share the same visions. They go deep into this in their discussion today!

Today, they discuss all things spirituality: reading chakras, communicating with spirit guides and manifesting love, transcending into higher realms, and reading The Akashic Records. Jordan helps Nikki learn about her Human Design and they both speak to Jordan’s guides!

Nikki is only one of two mediums who Jordan goes to for guidance. She’s able to take up-in-the-clouds concepts and grounds them in a way that can work for everybody, from a stay-at-home mom to a CEO. As a mother, ex-editor, and blogger, she’s a testament that everyone has the potential to unlock these tools and can integrate them into their lives. She shares so many accessible techniques everyone can all employ to connect to source. All you need is accountability, community, and commitment! 

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