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Episode #223

ft. Kenzie Burke: Conscious Friendships, Spiritual Awakening, & Becoming Your Own Healer

This time last year, Kenzie Burke was a guest on this very podcast after Jordan was called to invite her on the show. Flash-forward one year, and their connection has blossomed from strangers to soul sisters. It’s crystal clear when you hear them together that their connection is other-worldly, and this is definitely not the first lifetime they’ve known each other!

In many ways, Kenzie’s life experiences have run parallel to Jordan’s own. From their memories of being born, dealing with Lyme, and healing through a plant-based diet to self-correcting their public images in a quest to be more authentic. Last year plunged both girls into a vortex of pain, bliss, confusion, and intense growth, a theme they delve into wholeheartedly in today’s episode. Plus, there’s plenty of fun girl talk on morning routines, beauty, astrology, human design, and spirit shapes/animals!

Over the last year, Kenzie has undertaken a profound spiritual journey that’s guiding her all over the world and launched an incredible biodynamic coffee and cacao combo that’s so in alignment with her purpose. Stay tuned until the end of the conversation, when Kenzie answers all the questions you sent in and reveals the exciting new projects she’ll be bringing to the world this coming year!

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