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Episode #225

SOLO. Jordan Younger: Spiritual Q&A Getting Deep & Weird, Healing, Hormones, & The Celestial Diet!

I asked you guys to send in all of your deepest & weirdest questions so I could answer them in one episode! My top priority is to share all of the love with our beautiful soul family and make sure I answer your burning questions and share from my heart.

On the top of the agenda is the Celestial Diet, which is a hybrid of an SOS-free, plant-based diet and my modern intuitive eating style, with a sprinkle of otherworldly magic on top! I share my journey with food and healing, and how this particular lifestyle has helped me look and feel the best I have ever felt. Body positivity in all its glorious forms, from plastic surgery and botox to self-love rituals and different diets, is discussed openly — you guys had a lot of questions about all of it!

I also share how I communicate with spirit children, angels, spirit guides, hormones, the brief 48 hours that I had an IUD, and beyond.

Lastly, there is a super fun quick-fire round and a True & False segment that dives into Human Design, business plans, past lives, childhood and so much more.

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