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Episode #226

ft. Grant Atkinson: My LAWYER Comes on the Show! Legal Tips You Want to Know as an Entrepreneur

This insightful bonus episode brings the theme of entrepreneurship from a legal standpoint to The Balanced Blonde community. We hope this fact-filled conversation is a helpful resource to all levels of entrepreneurs who listen to this show.

Also, we are excited to bring this episode to any lawyers or budding future lawyers to show that there’s not a one size fits all approach to becoming an attorney. There’s always a creative solution to find your niche & follow your passion. 

Grant Atkinson is the founder and managing attorney of Framework Law, a truly innovative and unique firm built for creative entrepreneurs. Grant frames the legalities of brand creation and maintenance in such an accessible and warm way that’s collaborative and not combative. It’s one of the reasons Jordan loves working with him and wants to share him with you all. As a creative entrepreneur herself — who has had to learn the hard way on a few occasions! — Jordan knows just how important it is to have the right people supporting your brand. 

They discuss Business Contracts, Businesses Entities, Trademarks, Copyright, Intellectual Property, what NOT to do when you start a business, and other legal box-tickers one should be aware of when creating a business. As a fellow creative entrepreneur with plenty of artistic pursuits of his own, he brings another layer of understanding to those working in this industry. He shares his professional journey, inspirations, and the elements that make his work so special.

Thanks to Beekeepers Naturals for sponsoring this episode. Jordan is thrilled to be partnering with this female-led, clean brand which she has been an avid fan of for so long. Check out their incredible earth-derived remedies which boost immunity and save the bees! Head to for 15% off your first order, or use the code, BLONDE at checkout.