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Episode #64

ft. Ashley Neese

Jordan chats with her friend and breathwork inspiration Ashley Neese, a leading breathwork specialist and absolutely radiant soul. Ashley used to do a lot of all sorts of things in the wellness space (think teaching yoga, health coaching, leading meditations, and so on), but she started focusing on her core passion that set her soul on FIRE – a huge testament to the art of focusing inward in order to create big things. Being an expert on one subject is no joke.


Breathwork sounds really simple, but the true practice is way more than just breathing; it’s a form of active meditation that can help you stay grounded in yourself, your truth, and your authenticity, can help regulate your nervous system, AND it can be life-changing — if you let it. Dive into what breathwork is with Jordan and Ashley, and you’ll never want to go back!


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You probably already know about Jordan’s undying love for REBBL, but if you haven’t heard, they’re a mission-driven company that helps vulnerable populations throughout the world by selling delicious coconut milk-based elixirs and protein drinks. They’re also super healthy! Each drinks contains adaptogens, which are super herbs that have traditionally been used by ancient cultures to bring the body back to balance and homeostasis.


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