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Episode #65

ft. Wendy Kennedy – Higher Frequencies & Celestial Channeling

Jordan chats with the highly-recommended Wendy Kennedy, a celestial pleiadian channeler who raises the frequency and vibration here on this Earth. We’re super lucky to have her on the podcast, and everyone listening is going to get a taste of this lightning witch!! If you’re into high vibe people, being happy, and living a stress-free, pain-free life, then you’ll take away something beautiful from this episode!


We’d also like to thank Four Sigmatic for being amazing and supporting the show! Mushrooms are big in the health world right now, probably because they’re full of adaptogens, superfoods, and other things that are super good for you! Jordan absolutely loves their mushroom coffee. It’s a great alternative to regular coffee because it has very little caffeine or acidity, and it nourishes your body while waking up your brain! You can go to to get 15% off of your order!!