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Episode #82

ft. Trevor Hall

Jordan chats with one of the most beloved musicians in the yoga and spiritual space (and also worldwide, let’s be real), Trevor Hall, who is not only an incredibly talented artist but also a deeply tapped in human.


Trevor’s heartfelt responses to each and every question are a testament to how present he is as a person. We learned about his love of astrology and his Saturn Return journey in Episode 69 with Trevor & Jordan’s astrologer Debra Silverman. In this episode we dive deeper to learn about Trevor’s music, how he met the love of his life, the ups and downs of being a musician, how Mother Earth plays a role in all of his songs and all about his latest album The Fruitful Darkness.


We all have so much to learn from Trevor’s profound wisdom  and his connection to the earth. He is as high vibe as they come, and deeply authentic. The exact kind of soul on fire human we love to feature here. We also may or may not learn the stories behind all of Jordan’s favorite songs of Trevor’s as well as his most popular songs.


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