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Episode #83

ft. Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of Almost 30

Jordan chats with her dear friends Krista Williams + Lindsey Simcik from Almost 30, an iTunes Top Ten Health Podcast (that lives in the top 200 overall!) for all things health, wellness, entrepreneurship, self-development, humor, and most importantly, HONESTY! In their live show, Lindsey and Krista share with our audience all about how they got involved in the wellness industry, and their “addiction” to feeling good! They delve into the origin of the Almost 30 brand, their dream guests for the pod, and everything in between!


Lindsey shares her experience dealing with vocal nodes and how speaking her truth on Almost 30 played a big role in clearing her throat chakra, which she believes expedited her healing journey! They detail the very best lessons they learned in their 30s, including ways to stay present and channel gratitude. Krista and Lindsey also tell us all about their favorite crystals!


The Almost 30 ladies reflect on life their 20s, “expanding moments,” how they learn from their ambitious friends who are chasing big dreams. Krista says she wishes people would ask her more detailed, thoughtful questions about her loved ones – not simply “how is he?” but instead “what do you love about him?” Jordan, Lindsey, and Krista take listener questions live and delve into topics like defining success, their fun plans for the holiday weekend, game-changing books, stand-out podcasts, acting on your intuition, and expressing your most authentic, vulnerable self.


Be sure to check out Almost 30 episode 34 featuring Jordan!


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