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Episode #94

ft. Jasmine Hemsley

Jordan chats with the amazing Jasmine Hemsley, a wellness and Ayurveda expert who is helping to bring ancient Eastern philosophies on health & wellness into the modern Western world with her book, East by West: Simple Recipes for Ultimate Mind-Body Balance as well as her incredible cafe in London, Hemsley + Hemsley. Her Ayurvedic tips and tools are so incredibly helpful, and the recipes are delicious. Prepare to fall in love with this self-care queen (if you haven’t already)… because she is also the most adorable fashionista & kindest soul, as you will see!!


Jordan also starts this episode off with something a lot of you have been asking for: another breathwork exercise!! Wherever you are, follow along, tune back into your breath, and set your soul on FIRE!


In this episode we cover everything from Ayurvedic doshas to tips for incorporating more Ayurveda and self-care into your busy lives to foods and grounding practices that will help you feel more centered, whatever your imbalances may be. You will also learn all about the inspiration behind Jasmine’s book and the lovely recipes and lifestyle tips you will find within it.


Are you #OnShrooms yet? Jordan has been loving Four Sigmatic more than ever (if you haven’t already, check out episode 85 with the company’s founder, Tero Isokauppila) because she’s cut out coffee entirely.  If you’re trying to stay off of coffee but still want to feel alert and awake, there’s nothing better for you or better tasting than the caffeine-free Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir . You can go to to get 15% off of your order!


Did you know that 75% of people don’t get enough Omega-3s in their diet? It’s crazy! Omega-3s can help optimize mental performance, boost heart health, and reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints – So if you aren’t getting enough in your diet, especially if you are eating a plant-based diet like Jordan, a supplement is really important!! And our sponsor, Omax3, is the purest option on the market. Luckily, you can go to to get a FREE box of the incredible Omax3 Ultra-Pure supplements + 3 free gifts when you buy your first box!


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