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Episode #95

ft. Marissa Lace

Jordan chats with Marissa Lace, whom you may know from her very high-vibe crystal shop (Light, Love, & Lace), her high vibing and super popular YouTube channel, or her equally high vibe Instagram page. Jordan fell in love with Marissa’s YouTube channel a couple of years ago, and the girls quickly became friends after Marissa came on the podcast last year.


Marissa just recently moved back to LA so Jordan was thrilled to have her back on to discuss all things spiritual, high vibe, woo-woo, crystals, family histories, and more. Marissa has an uncanny ability to speak the truth, live the truth, and live in her most authentic and divine radiant light – and Jordan is so excited to share that inspiring light with all of you today!! They get into vulnerable details about everything from money, to business, to family, to spirit guides, and back to business and their brands.


This episode is also a very raw and real look at what it’s like to live with Lyme… as this was in the middle of a particularly difficult “brain frog” day for Jordan. So if you live with a chronic illness or know someone with a chronic illness, hopefully this episode helps you feel a little less alone or helps you to understand what some of the other people in your life are feeling.


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