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Episode #297

Erin Falconer: How to Break Up With Your Friends & How to Navigate Adult Friendships

Ahhh, I have been so excited to share this episode with you guys! Ever since I read Erin Falconer’s book How to Break Up With Your Friends, I knew she was a dream guest to have on the show. She is a therapist, best-selling author, a mother, and a wise human when it comes to all things boundaries and navigating friendships as an adult.

This episode isn’t just about how to break up with your friends, it is also about how to be a better friend. I learned such valuable information in Erin’s book about the science of friendship (and how important it is to our livelihood and wellbeing!), how long it takes to truly become someone’s friend, the difference between a friend and a best friend, and how many best friends we can successfully have without spreading ourselves way too thin — or just lying to ourselves!

Erin is the queen of navigating hard conversations, instilling boundaries, standing up for yourself in relationships and also auditing relationships to make sure they are still a good fit in the different ever-evolving stages of our lives. I have to say, this conversation is an absolute favorite of mine and one that I learned a TON from. I will be going back to this convo many times over… and taking notes!

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